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I wanted to share something that I put together to help my own department fill out its template.  I put this together in response to feedback from the pilot programs that it was very time-consuming for one draft writer to pick through everyone’s annual activity reports or CVs to find the relevant information to report on.  I tried to think of how the most relevant information might be grouped in a way that would be useful to the writer.

I had not necessarily intended to share this widely, but since people seem very eager for a constructive starting point, I have shared it within the College of Engineering.  I feel like I should share it with all my colleagues to do with as you like.  I don’t want to give the impression that this tool is “officially sanctioned” by the AcTF, and it’s certainly in a rough form, since I’ve had no feedback from anyone on how helpful it actually is.  The people outside ME with whom I’ve shared it seem happy to have some place to begin.  I can say that when I filled it out for myself using my own annual activity reports and CV, it took me about half an hour.  Even for someone with more publications and activities than me, I estimate it would take most faculty less than one hour.

There are some sample data already filled in in blue.  The criteria that I think the information will be most helpful in answering are given in green.

prioritization data form ME

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  1. Ah.. quite interesting.

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